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Buyer’s Guide

Buying your clothes for your next adventure can be as tricky as the adventure itself. The looks speak for itself, but there are also technical specifications that can be hard even for a pro. To help you through, we have put together these buying guides. Choose between our “Complete guides” or scroll down to our quick guide. If still confused, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The complete guides

Buying a snowboard jacket / ski jacket – The complete guide

Buying snowboard pants / ski pants – The complete guide

The quick guide

Don’t have the energy to read a lot of text? Then this quick guide is for you. We have put together what we consider are the things that you should absolutely not miss when buying your garments.

What is the fit/size of your clothes?

Our models are true to size, giving you a relaxed look with room for more clothing underneath. If you are looking for a more tight fit, you should go down one size. And don’t worry, we have free returns. Please see our size chart here.

What is the difference between a ski jacket and a snowboard jacket?

It is mainly style, usually snowboarding clothes have a more baggy look. Functionally they are the same.

Are the pants/jacket I buy insulated?

Jackets/pants come in a variety of materials. Shell jackets are never insulated, which means you will almost always need more layers. Functional fabrics and softshells are insulated.

All our jackets except Gentian are insulated with 60-gram padding. Gentian is a 3-layer shell jacket that is not padded as such. For the very coldest days, you’ll probably need an extra layer even under our padded jackets, but for the majority of days, this is a good balanced amount of padding.

Waterproof/Breathability – What do I need?

Waterproof/Breathability is describing how well the garment can withstand water / breathe and is measured in a number, where higher generally is better.
Most of our jackets are 15k/15k, which will take you through everything but really bad weather.
10k/10k will also take you through most days, and if you don’t plan to ride on very snowy/rainy days, even less can work as well.

Buying an anorak? Look for side zippers

 An anorak becomes much easier to take on/off if having side zippers or 3-way zippers, so you can unzip one side. All of our anorak models have 3-way zippers.