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Gentian 3L Shell Skiwear

The prerequisites for the Gentian project was clear; We wanted to create the “All you ever need” technical 3-layer shell garment. No features left out. Materials that withstand the forces of nature. Stylish with a look that doesn’t go out of style the next year. Consciously made. And all of this at a reasonable price tag.

After hours and hours of back and forth with collaborators and manufacturers, we believe that we finally made it. The result is our Genian 3-Layer Shell jacket and pants.

Technical Excellence In Materials
First things first, you cannot build a great garment without high-performing materials, so finding a durable, sustainable and reliable shell material was our first task. We ended up with the W617, a 100% recycled shell fabric that combines everything we are looking for. It is a robust material (198 g/m2), giving us the durability needed for active days.

The magic is in the membrane. While the shell material is what gives the jacket durability, the membrane is the key to breathability and waterproofing. Our fluorine-free membrane gives you just that. Rating in on 20,000mm in breathability and 20,000mm in waterproofing, you will be protected from water coming through without having to compromise breathability. To finish it off, we have a PSAF-free water-based coating, which turns incoming water into droplets that run off the garment.

The make
Making a long-lasting garment was one of the most important objectives of the Genian project. In combination with the choice of materials, the product design and workmanship in the manufacturing are what make the difference in creating a garment that does the job day in and day out. The details are what compose the garment. Pocket sizing, pocket placement, waterproof YKK-zippers and fully taped seams are just some of the details that cannot always be seen at a glance.

The Fit
The Gentian garments are made for movement. They hold a free-ride fit, giving you plenty of room to move in all directions. The jacket is of a slightly longer design and the pants are of a higher fit, giving snow and rain no way to get to your skin. Our shell material is also slightly less stiff than the average shell jacket, increasing moveability even more.

The Features

We wanted full-feature garments, and that is exactly what we created. The list of functions is long, let us guide you from the top to the bottom:

The helmed-fitted adjustable hood

The hood is made to wear a helmet below. It is also double-adjustable, with adjusters in the front and the back, so it can fit tight when you want to.

The Pockets

The placement and design of the pockets heavily impact how useable they are, which is why we spent a of time thinking it through.

The jacket has two chest pockets, placed so you can reach them also with a backpack on. Along with the two side pockets, you have a total of four pockets just on the outside of the jacket. In addition to this, there are two stash pockets on the inside of the jacket for carrying everything from touring skins to gloves or goggles. Of course, we also have a lift card pocket on the lower part of the left arm.

The pants have two side pockets as well as two leg pockets. The leg pockets are unbeatable when wanting easy access to stuff, for example, in the lift. The pants don’t have any back pockets. Why? Simply because you will never use them.

The Google Cloth

In your left side chest pocket, there’s a small piece of goggle cloth so you can get clear vision at any time. It is removable by a clip, so you can remove and clean it.

2-way front zip

The jacket has a 2-way front zip, allowing us to zip up also from the bottom. Great for ventilation or when you want access to your pants.

Ventilation pit zips

Below your arms, you find ventilation zips to open up whenever ventilation is needed. With double zip heads, you are fully flexible in how much air you want to let through.

The flexible, removable and attachable jacket snow lock

The snow lock of the jacket is flexible in size in two ways. Firstly, it is elastic, and secondly it has a double set of buttons, to get the desired fit for everyone. To improve fit and protect you from unwanted snow, it is also attachable to the pants. The snow lock has five snap buttons with you can snap to the pants.

Do you want to use the jacket for hikes where you don’t need a snow lock? No problem, you can just zip it off and leave it at home.

Adjustable bottom hem of the jacket

You can adjust the size of the bottom hem for style or practical reasons.

The adjustable waist of the pants

The size of the waist is easily changed by our velcro straps. If you have less layering for a day, or multiple people using the same pants, just increase of decrease the size.

The full side zip

The pants side zip give you full flexibility in opening up for ventilation, layering, medical treatment or anything else you might need. The zip goes from the bottom all the way up to where the side pockets start.

The pants snow lock

The pants have an elastic snowlock in the bottom, which can also be adjusted in size by a velcro. No snow to come through here!

The reinforced bottom leg

The inside of the bottom leg is a vulnerable position, and the material often get torn by skis and boots bumping into each other. That’s why we have reinforced this area with a polyamide 6-6 -material, which is more resistant to cuts.

The bottom button

Ski pants need to be big in the lower end to go over the boots, which can be quite annoying when using them without the boots. The solution is a button at the bottom of the pants, preventing them from being dragged into the ground.